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Entry #1

Still alive and kicking.

2008-03-06 01:10:20 by hasonish

I've spent so much time on this site, watching/playing flash games, and listening to wonderful amounts of music. But I never thought about what it would be like making my own creations.

So I went out and got FL Studio, and I'm currently experimenting with it. I've uploaded 2 of my "test" songs. I realize that my bass in {{Fever Dream}} was waaaaay off. I got kinda lost when trying to make it, and I couldnt get it right. But I'm sure that I'll figure it out eventually, and get better as I go on.

So anyways, be sure to check out my audio, and please feel free to post any advice/tips/comments/etc. as it is all welcome and very appreciated.


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2008-03-06 06:30:23

Sounds pretty good! Keep it going!

hasonish responds:

Thanks for the support.